Popular Citizen Show, Mother-In-Law, Sadly Loses Another Main Actress

Citizen TV’s Mother-in-law seems to be losing actresses at will. A few months after the popular Catherine Kamau known cast as ‘Celina’ left the show for other ventures, Idah Alisha who plays ‘Olive’ is on her way out. Word is that she quit after getting an opportunity out of the country. Coincidentally, her best friend is Catherine who revealed that Idah has flown out for further studies. Mother-in-law will undoubtedly be hit by this latest departure as this was not just a bit-part actress but one of the most visible and popular. She was one that fans of the local drama were enamored by.

She took to social media as is the norm to break the news. She wrote about spreading her wings and seeing what the future holds, a sure sign that she is leaving.That was after ‘Celina’ posted on her Twitter account pictures of the two together with words of endearment and wishing her journey mercies.

Here is what she posted:

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