Despite Being Accused Of Human Sacrifice This Is What Jose Chameleone Really Believes In

jose chamilionee
Just like plastic surgery and Hollywood celebrities, riches and illuminati seem inseparable. Despite his hard work and determination, it is very difficult to convince someone that Jose Chameleone, Uganda’ s finest and wealthy rapper is a member of a religious cult. Rumors about Jose’s faith intensified after his brother, AK 47 who was also a rapper died early this year under unclear circumstances. After trying to avoid the gossip for months, Jose has come out boldly to deny finally spoken about allegations labeled against him.

In a lengthy post on his instagram account, Jose confirmed that he loves God and the rumors going around about illuminati have no basis. This is not the first time we are hearing about wealthy celebrities and other personalities belonging to this group. In fact, the first thing that comes into most people’s minds when a close relative to any celebrity dies is human sacrifice. Does it mean that you cannot make it in the entertainment without taking the life of someone? If that were the case, then very few artists would love to become celebrities.

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