This Is How A Shocking Love Triangle Led A Young Woman To Stab Her Boyfriend More Than 22 Times In Buruburu

We’ve all been around that one partner who you suspect is cheating or having an affair. Most people either learn to live with it or move on. For some, rage, anger, bitterness and vengeful thoughts seem to be a better solution. A 21 year old who goes by the name Wanjiru Kamanda thought the best way to teach her boyfriend, Farid Mohammed, a lesson for his alleged infidelity was to gut him like fish. After allegedly finding a suggestive love message on her boyfriend’s phone she went into seething rage that led her to stab him 22 times. The whole incident took place on Sunday in Buruburu.

Sadly, Farid succumbed to his injuries as he was undergoing treatment at a hospital. He sustained a number of stab wounds on his chest, back, neck and stomach. Farid has since been buried but his post-mortem results are yet to be released.

During the bloody row Wanjiru sustained two stab wounds on her back. She is currently handcuffed to her hospital bed under strict police surveillance.

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