This Is What Is Will Cost You To Take A Flight On Kenya Airways Compared To Other Airlines

Do you know the reason why most Kenyans are opting to book flights with Ethiopian and other foreign airlines? If you thought Kenya Airways was the cheapest service provider in East Africa then you are very wrong. Apparently, the national airline is among the most expensive airlines not only in Kenya but also in the entire continent. Should we pay more to fly with Kenya airways simply because we are patriotic to our country? It will shock to realize some of the price tickets seen at the company last month.

With tickets to Dar es Salaam, Mombasa, Entebbe and India going for sh. 86,000,Sh.31000, 76, 0000 and Sh.97125 respectively whereas you can fly to India with Emirates at Sh. 62,475( $ 595) this is a simple case of someone trying to make Kenyans less patriotic. To make the matters worse, you can fly to Accra Ghana in an Ethiopian plane at Sh.105, 525 as compared to sh.183, 750 charged by Kenya Airways. Is there any Kenyan who will waste his or her money all in the name being a True Kenyan? According to Ciku Muiruri, with this high prices, Kenya airways is its own worst enemy hence the company has no reason to cry out for help following the great losses made some time back.

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