This Is Probably What You Didn’t Know About Man Who Was Stabbed 22 Times By His 21 Year Old Girlfriend In Buruburu

The most disturbing story this week is that of a 21 year old lady who stabbed her boyfriend to death. It is not the stabbing per se but the degree of the act which is chilling. She stabbed him 22 times in cold blood. The victim identified as Farid Mohammed, 24, was thoroughly wounded on his back, stomach, neck and chest. Little is known about him apart from the fact that he may have been killed by his girlfriend, Ruth Wanjiru, because of a text message he had received on that fateful day. It could be that a love triangle was brewing which led to the murderous Wanjiru to commit the crime of passion. Mohammed has already been buried according to Muslim traditions. He was a handsome man who appeared jovial at all times according to photos available online. He was a Manchester United fan with a custom made shirt supporting the team.

Love triangles in Kenya have ended up badly in most cases when you remember the famous Siakago incident where a police officer shot dead revelers in a bar after problems with is significant other.

Here are his photos during happier times:






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