This Was What A KRA Officer Was Caught Shamelessly Doing As Kenyans Waited Patiently To Be Served In A Long Queue

Despite embracing technology, long queues and government offices seem inseparable. In fact, most people try to stay away from them as much as possible because of the laxity of the members of staff. Have you ever queued for hours only to realize that there is no one to serve you? It is even worse when you have travelled for hours to seek for assistance from an office where everyone operates half-heartedly.

It was shocking to realize that as Kenyans kept queuing outside KRA’s Forodha house offices; the officer who was supposed to help them was very busy playing Candy Crush Saga with her Smartphone. After Robert Alai posted her photo on his facebook account, many Kenyans came out to share nasty experiences they had with the lady in question. Apparently, it is high time we created a platform where we can name and as well shame employees who want to make governments offices their private hotel suites.

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