This Is The Rude Shock Kasarani And Mwiki Residents Woke Up To This Morning

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Residents of Kasarani- mwiki area today morning woke up to a rude shock of what is deemed as the largest strike that has been witnessed in the area. From four am, various matatu operators downed their tools and lit bonfires to block private road users from driving to work.

The reason for the strike has been attributed to the bad road condition of mwiki kasarani road that resembles that of a shamba. Matatus getting stuck and breaking down on this road is no longer news; a reason that the residents have to deal with everyday.
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Speaking about the incidence, Area MP John chege supported the move terming it as a way to force the county and national government to repair the road. Unfortunately with the recent reaction of the national government to issues affecting the common mwanachi is to be considered especially with teachers pay, there is little hope that the road is going to be repaired.

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