This Is What Happened Before Ruth Wanjiru Kamande Decided To Stab Her Boyfriend, Farid, 22 Times

Without sounding like a sexist, it seems that women in Kenya are becoming dangerous species, first from chopping off manhood now escalating to taking their men’s lives. Unfortunately in the latest case highlighted by the media is another case of crime of passion, one of which young couple disagreement that had a fatal ending.

From the highlights it seems that Ruth wanjiru Kamande,21 the woman in question was visited by her boyfriend Farid Mohammed, 22 at her extension house in Buruburu. After a short period of time, the man is heard screaming and begging for his life. Neighbors who rushed to the rescue describe a horrifying scene of him lying in a pool of blood, dead and Ruth Wanjiru agonizing in pain in what is deemed as a typical case of attempted murder suicide.

Internal sources say that all this was due to a text message from another woman that incensed her, driving her to take his life. As it stands now, she is receiving treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital handcuffed to the bed. The case having been scheduled for a later date in order for the police to successfully finish their investigation before commencing with prosecution

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