Believe It Or Not Vera Sidika Just Turned 21 And This Is How She Marked The Day

Vera Sidika is finally 21! No, I did not get it wrong. I said TWENTY ONE. Well, at least that is what she claimed to be turning on her September 30th glammed up birthday. Her announcement like any other caused a major media frenzy with Kenyans on social media coming out to tease the voluptuous socialite. I mean even Wikipedia seems not to be agreeing with her. This is however did not stop her from turning up with her glammed up squad.

The very high end event only featured her close friends Shillah, Hanako, Gladys and Amina who looked all glamorous. Vera donned a figure hugging yellow dress that put her famous curves on full display standing out from the rest. She wore a pair of high heels which were definitely expensive knowing her extravagant life.

The five had a lovely dinner at a fancy looking restaurant as seen on her Instagram page. They had a lot off expensive wine. Quite a life for a barely ‘21’ year old lady. Whatever age she is there is no denying that Vera made many jealous showing us how a birthday party is done. What can I say other than Happy belated birthday Vera Sidika.

Here are the pics







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