These Are The Surprising Things That Are In Babu Owino’s Ksh14 Million Birthday Budget

Controversial student leader Babu Owino is making headlines again with his Sh 14 million birthday party. The proposed budget of the birthday party has been circulating online breaking down expenses to the last shilling. Kenyans were left mouth agape at the preparations of the party with some notable inclusions such as South African firebrand opposition leader Julius Malema, special guests from Ethiopia for VIPs, tools for enjoyment and gifts to all guests. The special guests from Ethiopia is anyone’s guess given the country is identified by outstanding beauties.

Also on the budget, names like Jalang’o, Prof Hamo and Chipukeezy appear. Another glaring inclusion are 2 pastors from Uganda and 1 sheikh from Rwanda who are invited to the party. The party is slated for this Saturday. Babu is known for pulling all stops to have people talking about him and this is just a latest in a litany of publicity stunts often associated with the SONU chair. This will further stoke questions on where his money comes from.

Here is part of the budget

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