Here Are 10 Suprising Things You Probably Did Not Know About Loose- Tongued Politician Moses Kuria

Moses Kuria is Kenya’s most polarising politician at the moment. His battles with Raila Odinga and Martha Karua over the fixing f DP William Ruto have stolen headlines in recent weeks. Here are a few things you probably did not know about the loose- tongued politician.

1. Religion

He was an altar boy in Gatundu Catholic Church.

2. Date of birth

Kuria is the 5th born in a family of nine. His parents are Gatundu business people.

3. His other name

His nickname is MK.

4. High School life

He was suspended from Ituru Secondary School

5. Life In university

He was almost expelled from University of Nairobi but Chief Justice Willy Mutunga helped him out.

6. Character

According to those who worked with him, he is notably very impatient.

7. Early political affiliations

Moses Kuria was actually in KANU when he campaigned for Kibaki in 2007

8. Career

He wanted to do Law but his mother convinced him to change his course since during that time law students were targets of the Moi regime

9. Side hustles

Kuria is not just a politician, he runs a media and PR practice called Brandmasters.

10. Notable phrases

He is the one who came up with the phrase, ‘Kikuyu is not a tribe, it is an enterprise.’

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