Meet Saumu Mbuvi’s New Husband

Saumu Mbuvi, Mike Sonko’s daughter who is among those people who is famous for, well, being famous has been flaunting a luxury ride on Instagram. The daughter of the affluent Nairobi Senator has been making spicy headlines by some of her posts and stunts. Being the scion of Kenya’s most flashy politician has its perks and one of them is attention. She has used that attention to climb up the popularity tree and she’s seemingly on top. Proof of this is the new BMW she has purchased, she cherishes it so much she calls it ‘babe.’ She welcomed her new ride which according to her is her husband.

Saumu seems to be following in the footsteps of her father who is flamboyant and gaudy himself. Though the combustible senator has settled down, her daughter is learning from the best. From posing with guns to getting caught kissing another girl, her German ‘husband’, could just crown it all.

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