Popular Musician Takes Drug Overdose To End Her Life

Diana Chelele may not be a household name in mainstream Kenyan music but in vernacular circles, she is very much appreciated. The Kalenjin singer with songs such as ‘Wrong number’ and ‘Chelele Binti Osama,’ which are a big hit in Kalenjin vernacular, is admitted in hospital after she attempted to end her own life. She took a drug overdose and was found unconscious in a hotel in Nakuru. She was rushed to hospital where she is recovering.

Chelele has been having it rough with marital problems at home where she and her husband Eric Musila, an AP officer, have been at loggerheads. These marital woes reached an exclamation point when she was informed that her husband had taken her children which drove her to suicide.

Times have not been smooth for her as close friends say that she has been suffering from psychological problems ever since she was linked to the death of an Eldoret surveyor in 2012 and her rocky marriage is not helping maters either.

Her husband was unavailable for comment following the sad news.

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