This Is What You Probably Don’t Know About The El Nino Rains And Why Some People In Power Wish It Would Be El Nino Season Every Month

In Kenya, the way El Nino is being talked about, you would think it is Armageddon coming soon. Aside from the hysteria about supposed preparedness, laughably even unaffected counties are now setting aside money for El Nino which translates to it is time to eat. The weatherman in Kenya is rarely taken seriously in Kenya and when disaster strikes he is the first to say, ‘I told you so.’ This year things are different though, people are taking heed of the warnings. The news about El Nino has been building up ever since US President Barack Obama left the country in July. Reports of the county government of Nairobi setting aside Sh 5 billion set the ball rolling for the whole El Nino conversation to take place.

Nakuru County has set aside Sh 500 million for El Nino, Machakos County has Sh 300 million saved up to battle El Nino while Nandi County has set aside Sh 500 million for the deluge. This is despite counties being advised to set aside only Sh 50 million for El Nino preparedness. The national government meanwhile has planned to use Sh 10.5 billion to bail out counties in North Eastern part of Kenya.

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