This Is Why Kenyan Gospel Artist Ringtone Could Possibly Be Getting Married To Tanzanian Controversial Songstress Ray C


Okay, this is a little hard to say but Kenyan gospel artist Ringtone could possibly be getting married to Tanzanian controversial songstress Rehema Chamalika popularly known as Ray C. Sounds crazy right? Ringtone has clearly not made his mind up yet according to the many contradicting statements he has been making.

Let’s start from where it all began. Ringtone posted on his social media that God was speaking to him about Ray C and was asking for the lasses number after she reportedly stated that she was born again and on a husband hunting mission. He later retracted this statement stating he only wanted to be her friend as she reminded him of ‘Pamela’ of his famous hit song Pamela. Fair enough reason and we thought we wouldn’t have to hear about this again until an announcement was made stating, ‘RAY C HAS ACCEPTED TO MARRIED TO A RICH KENYAN GOSPEL ARTIST.’

There is no other gospel artist who fits this profile at the moment. However according to Ghafla, Ringtone has neither confirmed nor denied the allegation that he could be the rich Kenyan gospel artist and there is more, he claims that the news was just the tip of the iceberg and there is still more to come. All we can do is wait to see how this turns out. We can however agree that they would make beautiful babies.

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