Chipukeezy Makes Fun Of Dennis Itumbi’s Sloppy Kissing Skills In Public

Dennis Itumbi’s publicised kiss came back to haunt him when comedian Chipukeezy made fun of him at the OLX Social Media Awards this past weekend. The event congregated people who are movers and shakers in the social media space in Kenya, awarding those who have achieved in the space. The Internet is a very vicious space where what you do or post is almost indelible.

So when it was rumoured that Citizen TV’s Jackie Maribe was dating Digital director of the PSCU Dennis Itumbi, pictures circulated online of a kiss they shared at an event. None of the parties denied the smooch from ever happening though they denied they were involved. Given his influential position in government, Chipukeezy fresh from roasting Jeff Koinange, took to the stage and roasted Itumbi advising him never to take photos while he is kissing since he looked unflattering while in the act. The audience was driven into mad laughter including Itumbi himself.

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