Here Are Photos Of The Girl Who Was Crushed To Death By Two Matatus At Tuskys Beba Beba Stage

University of Nairobi student Cecilia Njeri was to meet a cruel fate last Friday when she was crushed by two PSV vehicles in Nairobi. She was having a wonderful day as she had just landed a job at Boma Hotel and had been confirmed to graduate this year when death cruelly struck.

She was in Nairobi after leaving their Limuru home after informing her family of the good news. She was on her way to some fellowship with her friends when she got sandwiched between two matatus which were jostling for passengers. She caught by a reversing matatu and an advancing one. According to eye-witnesses, the reversing matatu was the one which caused the most damage, crushing her further. She died at Guru Nanak Hospital. She succumbed to internal injuries including a ruptured kidney as well as broken ribs and chest bones. The matatu which reversed has been impounded as police conduct investigations.

Her brother confirmed to the media that she was to report to her new job at Boma Hotel on Tuesday this week. She was beautiful, lively and ambitious given that she had a social NGO called Truth Movement.
Here are her photos:







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