Here Is One Of The Most Violent, Blood Thirsty Criminal Gang In Kenya Today

Capture 5
If you thought Al Shabaab was the only threat the security of this nation, you were very wrong. There is no doubt that “Bweta La Uhalifu”, the latest expose by K24 will leave you scared the whole night. It took courage for Purity Mwambia to investigate and expose the deadliest gang in Kisumu City. Looking at the way this gang hacks a man to death and plummets another one with logs, you might not wish to visit this part of the country.

The operations of this gang has left residents of Kisumu at the mercy of their creator. Unlike other groups that kill and rob people in the wee hours of the night, this gang does not fear nor respect anyone including the police because they operate in broad daylight. They carry out their activities in the open without any fear of being arrested or being prosecuted. Imagine yourself walking through the streets of Kisumu and a group of young men armed with all manner of crude weapons attacks you and no one bothers to come to your aid.

Here is part of the video:

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