This Is How This Kenyan Cassanova Managed To Mint Millions From His 61 Year Old British Lover

With everyone being busy trying to chase money, meeting the perfect match in the old conventional ways like weddings is almost impossible. Many people go on online dating sites to try their luck in finding love. This is the case of one 61- year old Judith Sitwell who found her better half (or so she thought) Ovi Elias on one of those sites. It seemed like a match made in heaven as the two were married within three years of knowing each other.

Her husband of Kenyan origin claimed to have moved to the UK 20 years earlier to study. He even brought her to Kenya to get blessings from his parents and on seeing the pathetic state they were living she spent thousands trying to get them water.

Elias moved into her house and was constantly travelling to Dubai where he was trying to buy property and Judith funded all his trips as she considered it an investment for their future. Little did she know that her husband had 47 other women all over the world and it was not until one of his other victims texted her from Australia. It seemed that his cheating days were over as he forgot to close his emails on the Australian’s computer and so she found out about his plans.

Judith claims to have spent 3.9 million Kenyan shillings in total on this man and although the police claim that nothing he did was illegal and he can therefore not be arrested. She hopes that her story will enlighten people from being conned by these men who claim to love.

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