This Is Why You Will No Longer Worry About Sending Cash To A Wrong M-Pesa Number

The agony and frustrations that many M-Pesa customers go through after sending cash to a wrong number may be over. This is after the telecommunication giant Safaricom introduced a new M-Pesa feature that will enable customers to confirm the name of the intended recipient before sending money via M-Pesa. Hakikisha is the name of this new feature that is aimed to make M-Pesa services more enjoyable to use.

Hakikisha will also apply when the customers are making payments using Lipa Na M-Pesa Paybill option. Apart from benefiting customers, M-Pesa agents also stand to benefit from the feature. They will be able to verify the identity of the customers before money is deposited.

The recipient’s names will also be queried against the details used to register the customers and the PayBill partners. Hakikisha will be suspended if there is no transaction that is completed after five consecutive trials by dialing 1 to stop the transaction. The feature is intended to cover all M-Pesa customers by the end of October.

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