This Is What You Probably Didn’t Know About The Woman Who Was Brutally Beaten By The Husband With Diplomatic Immunity

It’s shocking to learn that even in this day and age, well established educated men are still behaving like Neanderthals. In a shocking story that has been trending on social media, a 26 year old woman is nursing serious injuries at the Nairobi Woman’s Hospital after her husband physically assaulted her. Apparently her husband, Alphonse Kambu, enjoys diplomatic immunity since he is a staff member at the UN. He is currently a free man and doesn’t have to hide from the authorities.

According to Ruth Gakii, the lady who was battered, the entire altercation was due to a misunderstanding. Her husband accused her of neglecting their 3 and a half year old son, something that would have been solved in a more civil manner. Concerned neighbours heard what was going on and came to her rescue. Due to the critical condition she was in, she was quickly rushed to hospital. At the time Gakii had broken up with her husband two weeks ago and was living with her son at Nairobi’s Jacaranda estate.

According to some sources Alphonse was drunk after a night out with the boys. His drunken state probably fuelled his atrocious actions. However according to some people who are close to him the vicious assaults have been going on for a while. A social media user by the name Diana Okello wrote the following:

Here are the shocking photos:






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