Beware, You May Be Handling Some Fake Currency

Kenya’s economy could be going through a hard time but it seems some people had found ways of keeping themselves afloat, at least until police intervened. A money counterfeiting syndicate was busted by police in Westlands and an eye watering Sh 153 million or more specifically, $1.5 million dollars was seized. The outfit usually prints fake dollars which are then circulated in the market. Five men, Suleiman Musa, Abdullaye, Abdulla and Mahmat Tamba and Yahya Kangweri appeared before magistrate Joy Gandani on Friday where they denied charges of forgery.

The Central African Republic internationals were exposed after a Saudi Businessman claimed that they owed him $4 million which they had refused to pay him. This led to the sting operation in their apartment in Westlands by police which netted the counterfeit money. Analysis was dine on the dollar notes last week when it was established that they were forged. They were printed in $100 notes.

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