Sarah Hassan Finally Says “Yes” To This Lucky Guy

Sarah Hassan is a public figure in Kenya and she is known by many. She is 27 years of age. She rose to fame after her appearance in the Tahidi High show. Presently she is a TV presenter as well as an actress. Her career has grown swiftly as she has featured in a number of shows among them, Sakata Mashariki and The Wedding Show. Currently, she is the Host of NTVs Discovery.

Lately, she has been lavishing the social media with pictures and photos of vacations and picnics with her boyfriend. Now she has taken yet another step. She took to social media to announce of her engagement to her longtime boyfriend Martin Ndale.

She couldn’t hide her joy as she colored her instagram page with the engagement photos. Following the acceptance of the proposal, her boyfriend pampered her with bouquets of different flowers.
She received a lot of congratulatory messages from her many fans who follow her on twitter and instagram. However for the many secret admirers, this did not augur well. All in all we wish her more and more blessings and we are proud of her.

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