Socialite Vanessa Chettie’s Confesses To Serious Drug Addiction

Discussing details of her free-wheeling lifestyle on Friday’s edition of Pulse magazine, 20-year old socialite Vanessa Chettie revealed that she was hooked on cocaine and ecstasy. The young lass who was rumoured to have infected personalities such as Shaffie Weru and Prezzo with AIDS opened up about her drug addiction which she says lasted for 6 months. She walked readers through how she started abusing drugs. Her partying lifestyle is what introduced her to drugs blaming peer pressure for her woes. She felt alcohol was not enough transitioning into harder drugs like cocaine. Every time she socialized and went out, the more she sunk deeper into the addiction.

Her revelations are consistent by a report that was recently released by IPSOS synovate which cited peer pressure as the leading cause of underage drinking which has seen widespread orgies involving students in Kirinyanga, Eldoret and Nairobi in recent months.

Vanessa was coy on where she got her drugs from while admitting that they were easily accessible. She went to rehab for a month after the lifestyle took over her life resulting in her ‘losing herself.’ She claimed that she is clean now and no longer does drugs.

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