This Is Probably What You Didn’t Know About The Man Who Cheated In The Standard Chartered Marathon Course

Normally, whenever a marathon race is held in Kenya for a greater good, many Kenyans turn up. This year’s edition of the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon held on Sunday saw about 20,000 Kenyans take part in the race.

However, in every market there is a mad man. Not everyone who took part was there for the greater good. Julias Njogu who claimed to come second in the race, was arrested. Unlike the KCSE leakages, he was arrested for attempting to cheat. He claimed to have come second in the men’s 42KM race.

You could say the economy is tight and everybody wants to get paid. Mr. Njogu was to bag Ksh 650,000 in prize money if he could have been second in the race. Unfortunately, for him it was not as he planned, the organizers smelt something fishy and discovered that he did not begin the race with the other racers but joined the race halfway.

Despite Mr. Njogu insisting that he started the race and came second, it was quite evident he did not start the race as he was nowhere to be traced on the CCCTV coverage among the leading athletes at various points of the marathon.



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