Incase You Were Wondering, This Is Just How Rich Businessman Chris Kirubi Is

The list of richest Kenyans will not be complete if you do not mention Chris Kirubi. Unlike some of the self-proclaimed millionaires on the streets of Nairobi, Kirubi seems to richer than you thought. This comes a few days after the wealthy businessperson took one of his closest friends Donald B. Kipkorir, a city lawyer for a ride on his 1000-acre farm located in Kiambu. Forget about land grabbers and conmen, the tycoon has a beautiful and expansive coffee plantation that will amaze you.

As thousands of Kenyans continue to plot how they are going to steal from others to become rich, Kirubi and a few others are out there making wise investments. Besides the ranch, Kirubi has other investments that have continued to generate income for him. With such news, you have no reason to keep asking others how they got rich when you can get inspiration from the likes of Kirubi and others who have made wealth using the right channels.

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