Meet This Kenyan Woman Who Has Been Making Millions From Sleeping With Dead Bodies In The Mortuary

Nothing scares human beings like death. Have you ever thought of what will happen to you when you die? Apparently, when it comes to money matters, Kenyans will do everything to get rich. Can you sleep in the same house with a dead man? Well, forget about sleeping in the same house, a Kenyan woman has shocked her neighbors and the entire nation after she confessed having made love to dead men at the mortuary for money.

According to the married woman, she did not start engaging in sex with dead men this month or last year but three years ago. As if sleeping with one dead man was not enough, the woman alleges that she has had to make love to several corpses to make more money for her family. With such stories going round all over our media, it looks like no one cares about morality any time we think about money.

Here is the audio so that you can judge for yourself

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