This Is What You Didn’t Know About The Explicit Fishy Message Bro Ocholla Sent To His Church Whatsapp Group

Ever sent the wrong text to the wrong person? Well picture yourself sending a sensual text to your mother, father or pastor. This is what unfortunately happened to Bro Ocholla. As he was busy sexting who knows who, he happened to send the wrong text to his church group. Although he immediately apologised, one of the devious members of the church whatsapp group quickly posted a screen shot of his text on twitter. KOT as usual was quick to notice the new screen shot and comments came flowing in from everywhere.

In part the message read:

Hmmm, Ocholla claims that the message was meant for his wife. Something that many don’t believe since men rarely talk to their long time wives like that. Many think it was meant for some side chick. Someone he was trying to win over.

Here is the screen shot that was put up:
According to his wife, the message was meant for her and she doesn’t believe otherwise. She blames the media for blowing things out of proportion.

Here is the Wife’s response to the text courtesy of KISS FM.

Here is Ocholla’s response to the text courtesy of KISS FM.

Here are some comments from twitter.

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