After Millions Were Spent In Preparation For El Nino This Is How Nairobi Looks Like

The long-awaited El Nino rains have hit the city of Nairobi as Wednesday night witnessed torrential rains. The downpour has wreaked havoc in various parts of the city questioning the utilization of funds which were meant to mitigate damage from the rains. Sections of Jogoo road were flooded causing motorists to switch plans causing a massive jam as learning in St Elizabeth primary school in Lunga Lunga was paralysed this morning with flood waters cutting off the school from access.

Nairobians thought that the drainage works which were taking place prior to the rains would effectively tame the flooding but it seems they were very wrong.

The county government had publicly on a number of occasions informed city residents that Sh 50 million had been set aside for drainage repairs while Sh 300 million had been allocated for emergencies arising from the El Nino rains. The Kenya National Highway Authority had pledged Sh 50 million for rehabilitation of drainage systems along city roads but on evidence of Jogoo road, it must have been poorly done. The question is, if Nairobians will get value for their money given the hefty amounts of taxpayers’ money used for preparations for the deluge.

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