This Is The Famous Radio Host Who Made A Name For Hero Radio With The Strange Confessions Of A Lady Sleeping With The Dead And Her Biological Father

Kenyans will do anything under the sun to make a living. There have been a lot of ‘exaggerated’ stories going round on social media after a Nakuru based radio host made an impact in the relationship lives of many Kenyans. It is not clear whether the stories are true, but some Kenyans believe that the now celebrated Hero radio host might be faking the stories.

Eager to know who she is, Kenyans finally managed to unearth her identity. The lady is perfect in recording eerily audios of Kenyans living a bizarre lifestyle. A good example that shocked many Kenyans is the story behind a lady who is barren by nature and has been sleeping with fresh dead people as a sure way of getting more wealth without her husband’s knowledge. Another crazy audio of a 25 year old lady sleeping with her biological father shocked many mothers who could not believe this can happen in the current generation. The lady seems to support her father’s sexual prowess, wealth and looks contrary to her stingy and inexperienced boyfriend in the bedroom.



The Hero radio hosts photos are now going round on social media as many Kenyans willing to know who she is continue asking more questions of her far-fetched stories. The photos reveal she could be at her 30s.

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