Here Is A Breakdown Of Just How Wasteful and Rotten The Office Of Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru Really Is

Everybody wanted to know just how corruption works and the breakdown of how to carry it out effortlessly. In this regard the Parliamentary Accounts Committee has decided to please Kenyans and share the information from the ministries file. This comes about as the whistle was blown by the Auditor-General’s report on government expenditure for the year ended 2013/2014 financial year, for further investigation to be carried out.

In a nutshell here is a breakdown of just how wasteful the office of cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru really is:

1. Computers, telephone headsets, printer and water dispenser at a total of cost Sh1.4 million
2. Sh174, 000 for 20 blue ball-point pens paid to the Huduma Kenya Secretariat, each costing 8,500
3. sh499,590 for 45 external hard disks, each costing Sh11,102
4. A laptop for Sh206,000
5. Supply and installation of a TV in Waigurus office at Sh1.798 million
6. Photocopier machine for Sh1.4 million
7. 18 condom dispensers at Sh25,000 each


8. Laptop and computer at Sh1.1 million
9. Sh3.4 million for Corel Draw software


10. Sh3.8 million for carpets


11. Anti-virus software at Sh973, 780
12. Piano for office use at Sh235, 500
13. Shredder for Sh64,750 then 3 others for Sh930,000
14. Sh242,500 for 100 4 GB flash disks, thus Sh2,425 each, which can be found at less than Sh500
15. Adobe in design CS6 software at Sh1.9 million

Yes,as teachers starve, this is just how corrupt some people in the government are.

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