Here Is Dj Creme De La Creme’s Reply To The Raunchy Video That Went Viral Yesterday

If you thought your week was bad, probably you have not heard about the woes facing DJ Crème De La Crème raunchy tape. It was a shocking Monday morning when the video showing Crème De La Crème “eating the forbidden fruit” went viral. Although the high-ranking DJ has taken the whole thing lightly, Kenyans on social media seem not be keeping quiet any soon. This comes a few months after we heard about the Mollis audio tape that left many tongues wrangling.

Most of us are wondering whether the talented DJ will manage to overcome this scandal. It is very difficult to convince Kenyans that someone is trying to bring him down because the video clearly shows his face making love to unknown girl. The other thing that has left us with many questions is why he decided to record such as video. It is common to hear about scandals in the entertainment sector but this one looks like the case of the Mugo Wa Wairimu at his clinic with the only difference being that the DJ has not sedated his catch.

Hours after the video leaked online Dj Creme shared a defiant picture with his family, writing: “Cooling with The Squad :)))”. This was just to show Kenyans how unmoved he was.

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