Mariga’s Ex Engaged In A Pomp And Color Rwandese Traditional Ceremony

Ariane Umutoni may not ignite memories in the minds of some Kenyans, but talk of Mariga’s former girlfriend and many will easily remember her. The gorgeous Umutoni finally made an impact in her dating life after she was engaged in a colorful, classy and highly costly engagement in Rwanda. The Rwandese beauty made an impact in Keya when she was dating Mariga sometimes back while he was in the helm of his football career.

Umutoni seems to have had an eye for celebrated icons as it is now revealed that she was engaged to Phil a Rwandese tycoon and household name in the capital city Kigali. To showcase his class in life, the tycoon organized a lavish ceremony for his soon-to-be wife and this surprised all her invited friends including some Kenyans and family. It is not clear what made the former lovers to part ways, even after Mariga accompanied with his Southampton Mid fielder player, Wanyama traveled to her home country sometime in 2010, for a show up and perhaps dowry down payment.

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