Pictures of Waititu’s Alleged Mpango wa Kando And Her reaction to the leaked Photos

Our politicians seem to take the headlines for all the wrong reasons. If not looting of public funds, definitely its hate speech and now rumors has it that Ferdinand Waititu has a Side dish by the name Julie Marjorie.

The Kabete MP appears with the young lass in one of here many photos. She is an upcoming socialite who seems to enjoy a perfect life with other photos showing her swimming in riches as she holds and sits on countless Kenyan 1000 notes. The lady appears to enjoy life and this could be the fact that “baba yao” is spoiling her with real cash.



Marjorie captioned her picture with the MP as “My sweetheart. My next governor in waiting. Baba Yao. I love you”. Rumors have it that the daring young lady lives a lavish live courtesy of the Mp. If this could be rumors, then there is something more to speculate about, but remember every rumor has a lead story.

This was Julie Marjorie’s reaction to the photo

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