This Is How A Gsu Vehicle Yesterday Hit Two Women Outside Vigilance House

A GSU vehicle yesterday hit two women outside Vigilance House in Nairobi. The vehicle’s registration number GKB 971G was ferrying money from Nyayo House to Central Bank when the accident happened. Fortunately, it was not a hit and run as the vehicle took the two injured pedestrians to hospital for treatment. Luckily for the women, there were no life-threatening injuries to worry about. This comes as the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), recently released a report showing that pedestrians were the subject of many road accidents in the city more than even motorists.

It is commonplace for vehicles ferrying money from one location to another to be driven at very high speed. In most cases, there would be escort cars driving along with the money ferrying vehicle. It is not yet established if that was the case. Despite the urgency of the assignment, it was a wonderful gesture by the driver to take the women to hospital.

Here are the pictures of the entire incident:
gsu1 (1)





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