This Was Anne Waiguru’s Reply To The Corruption Allegations

The devolution and Planning Secretary was accused of being extravagant based on the appliances and other fittings in her Harambee House Office. The office currently is installed with a touchscreen TV estimated to cost around Sh1.8 million. Nevertheless, the office also contains other expensive fittings such as an office piano.

She however denied the claims on a statement she released on her Facebook account. She brushed aside the claims forwarded by the National Assembly. She claimed, “For the record I have no such TV screen or piano in my office,”

Ms Waiguru on Wednesday morning directed the blame to the Accounting officers in her Ministry. She claimed the allegations directed by the Parliament on Tuesday should be directed to the Devolution and Planning Ministry officers since she is not in charge of procurement. She said, “Both by law and in practice, I do not procure. I do not purchase anything for the ministry. I don’t sign or negotiate contracts. Where instances of possible malpractice has been brought to my attention I have called in investigative authorities,”

The CS however, complained on the attacks that have constantly been directed to her. She testified her innocense saying that the EACC, CID, and any other bodies have not investigated her or directed any claims of corruption to her docket.

She further accused the media especially the Kenyan media for personalized attacks on her despite other Ministries being involved in similar cases of corruption. She said on her Twitter handle, “It’s amazing that whereas there are similar and more serious allegations of misuse of funds in many government departments there is never the personalized level of attack on CSs that has been directed at me.” She continued, “Surely this is no longer about the fight against corruption. It’s calculated evil, vindictive and ill intentioned. It’s an unfortunate distraction from the work the Ministry has been doing in the last two years,”

Here are the extravagant spendings the document forwarded by the Parliament contained:

A touch screen TV worth Sh1.798 million.

Office equipment such as Computers, a printer, telephone headsets and a water dispenser all summing up to Sh1.4 million. In addition, a photocopier was purchased costing Sh1.4 million.

Extravagant payment for Huduma Kenya Secretariat worth 20 blue fine point pens. The total cost was Sh.174,000

Others include; forty five external hard disks at Sh11,102 each, a laptop estimated a Sh206,000, eighteen tailor-made clear male and female condom dispensers each at Sh25,000, a corel Draw software estimated at Sh3.4 million, other computers and personal laptops valued at Sh1.1 million, office carpets and rugs valued at Sh3.8 million, Anti-virus software at Sh973,780, Adobe In Design CS6 software at Sh1.9 million, the Yamaha Piano at Sh235,500, a shredder for Sh64,750 in addition, they bought an additional three shredders on the same day at Sh930,000, as well as the payment of Huduma Officer in November 2013 for 100 GB flash disks at Sh242,500.

What do you think, was that etravagant?

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