This Is The Surprising Advice Member Of Parliament Alfred Keter Had For Crème De La Crème Over His Shameful Viral Video

Life is not all about politics for County Representatives, Members of Parliament, Senators as well as Governors. Do you know that a few politicians chat and read crazy stories on facebook and twitter? Well, this became evident after Alfred Keter, one of the most outspoken and charismatic politicians had something to share with DJ Crème De La Crème following his scandalous viral video.

The Nandi Hills Member of Parliament encouraged DJ Crème not to treat the incident as an obstacle in his career. Despite leading the team that wants Ann Waiguru, the Devolution Cabinet secretary to step down, this time round Keter had something different. Apparently, the news about Mollis and Bro Ocholla did not pass Keter. As Kenyans continue to talk about the video that went viral, friends have supported DJ Crème emotionally, spiritually and morally. With such words and support, there is doubt that DJ Crème will stand strong and even do better.

Here is the video courtesy of Mpasho

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