This Is What The Rest Of The World Thinks Of Kenya After The Waiguru Corruption Expose

After BBC termed Kenya “a hotbed of terror” a few weeks before the visit of the US president Barack Obama, many of us expressed our disappointment including President Uhuru Kenyatta. How are we going to defend our leaders for buying a pen at $ 85? This comes after the parliamentary committee received a report showing the disappearance of millions of dollars that no one can account for last week. Some of the “expensive things” in government offices that left many Kenyans talking and cursing include simple condom dispensers.

John Githongo, one of the most outspoken anticorruption activists has also expressed his concern about the state of the nation. As you continue to work day and night to improve the economy, politicians are busy trying to find ways that can make them rich overnight. To make matters even worse, the government cannot account for $2 billion raised through Eurobond. There is no better way we can define a nation marred by corruption and strikes other than a failing state. Despite the fact that the President assured Kenyans that everything is okay, we cannot bury our heads under the sand when officials are looting what we have worked hard to acquire.

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