As You Continue To Complain About Condoms, Tv’s And Piano’s, Anne Waiguru’s 18 Year Old Son Shares Photos Of “His” Aston Martin

Owning a simple car can take you a number of years and buying a posh automobile like an Aston Martin or Lamborghini will take you the rest of your life. As everyone continues to wonder how Ann Waiguru writes with a pen costing $ 85, this did not stop her son from sharing photos of an Aston Martin. A few days before she decided to make her instagram account private, her son flaunted with “his” car. At the age of 18 years, this young man drives a car that you will rarely come across on the streets of Nairobi.

Most of us have only seen an Aston Martin and other cool cars in movies. Following a parliamentary report that showed increased cases of corruption in her office, many Kenyans have expressed their concern about her lifestyle and performance as the Devolution Cabinet secretary. If you happen to get time, just find out the price of an Aston Martin and you will understand what it means driving one.

Here’s a video courtesy of Mpasho

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