Here Are Photos Of Two Female Circumcisers, The Tools They Use And The Reason Why They Will Never Stop Doing It

Female circumcision is not only an outdated practice but also one that was made illegal years ago. However this does not mean that the heinous practice has stopped happening, as it seems to spike even more in secrecy. CNN’s journalist Nima Elbagi who came to Kenya to know more about this mutilating practice was fortunate enough to meet two female circumcisers, who gave the reason behind it. In their explanation they said they did it to help safeguard the innocence of the women in their community. In the location which was just narrowed to Nairobi’s Eastleigh, the duo went ahead to say that if they did not do it, the young girls would be more resistant to go after young boys and lack responsibility. They went further ahead to explain to the CNN journalist that the girls are usually blindfolded and have their legs tied up with ropes. They then disinfect their private parts with alcohol and do the despicable with razor blades, making the whole process worse than unhealthy.

With such minded individuals in society who believe that is the only way to tame girls, it’s no wonder that even after its illegality many are still going for it and with unhygienic tools. Below are some of the photos of the items they use for the mutilation process.

Here are the photos courtesy of CNN:







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