Dj Crème De La Crème Finally Reveals The Events That Led Up To The Leakage Of The Viral Video And Its Surprising Source

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Last week was undoubtedly a nightmare for DJ Crème. The leaked viral video will forever haunt his career, his fans and his family. The DJ finally came out and stated that prior to the incident; he received constant calls from fraudsters who threatened to destroy his image if he did not pay them Ksh 2 million.

According to reports in the Pulse magazine, the popular DJ failed to meet the demands of the con artists who are said to have stolen Halima’s laptop (The daring girl in the 5-minute viral video). Crème states that the con artists went further on to hack his twitter and Facebook accounts in a sure way to defame him. They did the same to Halima’s Facebook and twitter accounts.

Crème has remained apologetic and now states that he is happy with his fans and supporters who gave him the strength he needed during his worst period as a celebrated DJ.

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