Yes We Bought Some Adult Toys Using Government Funds And This Was Their Purpose


Devolution PS Mangati has come out to defend a report showing increased cases of corruption in the Ministry of Devolution. As many Kenyans continue to live in abject poverty, Mangati had the courage to tell members of the press that the government bought adult toys for educational purposes. He went on to allege that they had bought vibrators for demonstrations. When asked about the Sh. 1.7million screen in Anne Waiguru’s office, he said that it was not a television set and they had bought it at the market price.

He also added that that the Sh. 235,900 Piano in the same office belongs to the NYS music group. One thing that makes Kenyans to question his credibility is that he went ahead to admit that he had submitted an erroneous document to the parliamentary committee. According to Mangati, the document had incomplete descriptions that do not meet the international accounting standards. Why should the government pay someone like Mangati?

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