You Won’t Believe This Is The Famous Kenyan Boxing Champion, Conjestina Achieng, You Once Knew

Conjestina Achieng was once one of the most successful female boxer in Kenya. She is well known for her iron fist and great tackles that always induced pain in her opponents, knocking them down in the ring. The once smart gifted fighter and an epitome of Kenya’s boxing federation is now in dire need of help as her career is rotting with every passing day in the village.

Conjestina is living from hand to mouth in western Kenya as the government watches. During her heydays, many always gave her total support and were proud of her, but as fate will have it. The gifted boxer became sick in what would later challenge her mental health as well as her career. Doctors treated her in what they claimed was psychological illness while her village fellows believe someone must have bewitched her. She spent all her money treating the serious condition, only to run broke at the very end forcing her to go back to the village.

The 38 year old boxer is a pale shadow of her former self. Her family no longer has any confidence in her; she was once their sore breadwinner. Her leaked photos going viral on social media shows how she has indeed fallen from grace-to-grass and now struggles with the rural life.


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