El Niño Rains Cause More Havoc In Uganda

In August this year, weather experts warned of serious El Niño rains in the month of September and November. They stated that the rains will affect 11 African countries including Kenyan and Uganda, but as it is the norm of many East Africans, the warning failed on deaf ears. Now the recent photos of El Nino rains causing havoc and more damage than good is just, but a sure proof of the cost of ignorance. According to reliable sources, the photos were taken in Uganda and show a fleet of cars that have been swept by the rains into a ditch with others showing cars half covered with floodwaters.

The effect of El Nino in Uganda has brought more damage with many people believing that this might be the begging in of a serious waterborne disease outbreak. With burst sewage and completely filed latrines, many fear for the worst asking the government to act quickly in creating awareness and sensitizing citizens on what to do to avoid cholera outbreak.

Many residents of Kampala city are now looking for safety in higher grounds after their home were either swept away or totally filled with water. The government has not reported any deaths or injuries that could have been caused by the act of God.




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