These Are The Events That Led A Manager At Nakumatt To Shoot His Staff

Police have arrested a man who is suspected to have shot his junior colleague killing him on the spot. The Nakumatt transport manager is believed to have had an argument with the junior staff at the headquarters’ offices located in Industrial Area. A scuffle ensued between the two before he pulled the trigger.

According to unconfirmed reports, the deceased is said to have threatened the manager with a Panga and this led to his demise as the manager was protecting his life. According to eyewitnesses, a colleague who came to the rescue was slightly injured with minor Panga cuts and is now receiving treatment. Police reports indicate that the trigger-happy manager is a licensed firearm holder. Police have confiscated his gun for further investigation concerning the murder case.

Eyewitness reports indicate that the deceased may have been mentally disturbed. The manager has been arrested for further questioning as police dig deeper into the mystery surrounding the shooting saga.

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