Have A Look At Vera Sidika’s Bed Which Costs KSH 1 Million Only

As you continue to spend sleepless nights working hard to become the next millionaire in town, Vera Sidika sleeps on a bed costing Sh. 1million only, as accountants would put it. I know you are already wondering how someone can buy such an expensive bed. The beauty queen rose to the limelight when she featured in several music videos including You Guy by P-Unit. Vera lives a luxury life that most of would die dreaming about.

Apart from modeling, Vera has a number of investments all over the country and overseas. While haters keep talking about her, Vera looks determined and no one can bring her down easily. A few months ago, she shocked the entire nation after going silent only to come back with bleached skin and an enlarged anterior. It is not easy to pass her on the streets without noticing especially if you are a single man with high affinity for women who “lead from behind”

Here are the pictures:



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