Carozona Kwamboka Decides To Flaunt Her Huge Assets On A Bodaboda Making Men From The Lakeside Run Wild

Corazon_Kwamboka_on_a_boda_boda (1)
I have never known why most Kenyan men prefer well-endowed women. The high demand of these ladies has led to rise of a class known as socialites. Socialites enjoy luxurious lives of riding in posh cars and residing in expensive homes without a clear source of income. If you thought that socialites never went to school, you are very wrong.

Do you know that Corazona Kwamboka holds a degree in Law not from the land of Mugabe but the University of Nairobi? Talking about Kwamboka, a few days ago, she was spotted riding on a motorbike on Kisumu Town. The Bodaboda man who took her for a ride must have had a very difficult time. Nonetheless, it was a moment of joy for men who dreamed about seeing her from a close range. After being quiet for some days, it looks like Corazona has decided to take her “investment “ to the land of the most romantic men in the world, as our brothers from the lake region would say.

Here is the video:

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