Popular Churchill Raw Comedian Thoroughly Embarrasses Himself After Drinking Too Much

Alcohol can make you feel great as you enjoy your time with friends and at the same time, it can totally embarrass you if you do not know how to control your drinking urge. A popular comedian in the Churchill Live Show entertained revelers in a night spot after publicly behaving in a stupid manner after taking too much alcohol than he can handle.

Othuol Othuol who believes he is handsome, though many laugh at his statements as an indicator of his funny looks is said to have behaved in a manner that totally devalued him pushing his career to jeopardy. The witty comedian is seen struggling to stand up in one of the photos, while another photo shows him kissing a lady who appears equally drunk. The common mtaani saying that “Pombe sio supu” seems to have had a better illustration of his silly behavior. The comedian is believed to be a fan of the bottle though he is a poor drinker who cannot handle himself like a gentleman when drunk.

Here are the shameful photos:




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