“Why I Don’t Stand With Janet” Says PR Guru And Former Journalist Pharis Kimaru

A few weeks ago, musicians, writers, comedians and other members of the public organized a concert to raise funds for Janet Kanini Ikua after doctors diagnosed her with cancer. Phanice Kimaru, a former journalist and PR guru does not seem happy with everything that took place. According to Kimaru, the media fraternity pushed a campaign and created awareness about Kanini’s health condition instead of considering millions of people affected by the same ailment. Kimaru compares this case as one in which a group focuses on an individual rather the issue at hand.

He tears apart the media by condemning them for letting a great opportunity pass in broad daylight. He goes ahead to say that members of the media will have yet another person suffer from the problem before they know how to address it. If everyone defends their own, who will stand with the less fortunate? Are we going to be holding fundraisings for everyone when we can look for a permanent solution?

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