No Public Holiday, However, These Are The Roads You Should Avoid When The Pope Begins His Visit Tomorrow

The most awaited visit of Pope Francis is finally here. The Pope will jet into the country on Wednesday at around 5pm. After landing at JKIA, we expect Mombasa Road and all the other roads connecting Nairobi city to the airport closed for several hours. Just like Obama’s visit, apparently the government has not shown any signs of giving us a holiday. Although most of the roads will not be operational, you will have to find a way of reaching your place of work.

The pope’s tour comes as the second most historic event to take place on our soils after Obama’s, which marked the first tour of a seating US President to come to into the country. Unlike the US president, many people will have the opportunity to meet and greet the pope. The government has called upon Kenyans to line up at different points so that they can have chance not only to wave but also to see the Holy Father.

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